Nian Dub x Semiotix

Track: Uninhabited

It’s absolutely amazing how the people of Manchester have come together in the wake of recent tragedies. People from all walks of life, different religions, cultures & backgrounds banding together as one, truly showing the world that hate cannot divide us. It’s truly beautiful and very moving to see the human race coming together like this, and gives us great hope for the future. None of us were originally born in Manchester but we’ve lived here going on 10 years and couldn’t be prouder to call this city our home. We were honoured to be asked to contribute towards this cause & think it’s a great idea.


Massive respect to Manchester with Love for doing this & a special mention to Marcus Intalex who was and continues to be such an inspiration to all of us.. RIP X


– Nian Dub



Nian Dub

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