Maes & Fybre

Track: This One

Myself, Fybre and his girlfriend were on Deansgate at the time of the attack. I remember hearing a faint bang in the distance but shrugged it off as a bus backfiring, although something still kept me wondering why it was so loud. When I finally heard the news I was in disbelief. The days that followed were solemn and subdued.
But out of the darkest depths of the horrendous attack shone Manchester’s brightest beacons of light. We are and always have been one huge family. Quoting ‘Jah War’, we have ‘come together in love and perfect unity’. The outreach to those affected was unbelievable. We should all be proud as a city for our strength and selflessness, it was a beautiful thing to see and be a part of.
This compilation represents one of our greatest talents as a city. Music. Our ability to diversify it and move it forward. It brings people of all nations, religions and creeds together to celebrate and dance. One Love Manchester’



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